Current Projects

Currently I am working on a couple projects in UE4. Features built into the games so far include 3rd person camera control, look-at-mouse aiming, 8 direction movement, ranged and melee combat, an inventory and looting system, modular clothing and characters, UE4 vehicles, physics replication, multiplayer sessions, and Steam integration. Some of the things I’ve worked on include:

  • Extensive use of UE4 including blueprints visual scripting, interfaces, widgets, physics assets, materials, emitters, destructibles, behavior trees, animation blueprints, landscape/foliage editor, and sequencer
  • C++ classes and blueprint extensions
  • 3D asset creation in Blender, including skeletal meshes and animations and static meshes
  • Other art asset creation in GIMP including textures and normal maps
  • Overall game and art design workflow concepts

Feel free to browse the gameplay features I have built in this post.

Eventually I hope to create a number of tutorials and blog entries that will hopefully assist other aspiring developers navigate their way through the sometimes confusing(buggy) tools and maybe publish my own game someday.